The Choice to Look Through a Lens of Fear OR Opportunity

I also woke up today with stress, fear, anxiety and scarcity.

You see, today I get to have a conversation with someone that is going to be difficult — at least that’s one story I could tell myself.

I could also tell myself that it’s going to be an opportunity for growth.

Which story will I choose?

Let’s say I chose the story around FEAR. What would that look like?

I would spend the day dreading the conversation, believing that it’s going to end up going south and that my friend will not take it well. I would stress about the outcome, imagining that she may get angry or resentful at my open, honest communication.

I could have knots of anxiety in my stomach, deciding that this conversation will be difficult. I may believe that being vulnerable will cause me great pain and that I will be so exposed that I will end up hurt and sad.

I can visualize that my friend may even choose out of the friendship after hearing what I have to say.

I could also choose the story around OPPORTUNITY. For me, that would look more like this:

I imagine that the conversation goes extremely well. I believe that once I share what’s on my mind and heart it will be received with grace, love and compassion.

I can see myself showing up as the authentic, vulnerable woman that I am, knowing that is who I truly want to be in everything I do. I can choose to see my “Why?” behind the conversation, feeling that having this depth of communication will result in a deeper friendship and more connection.

I can trust that whatever is meant to be will be, and the only thing I have control of is the way I show up. I can choose to believe my friend will see that I am coming from a place of love, knowing that I have her best interests at heart.


So, which one serves me more?

The FEAR-based story serves me in some ways —

I get to protect myself by assuming the worst. If I believe that things will turn out well and they don’t, I’ve just set myself up for more frustration. If I assume the worst from the beginning, I will be less disappointed.

Or is that really true? Will I truly be less disappointed? I doubt it.

All I’d be doing is protecting myself, and in that I would not be the vulnerable, trusting, confident woman that I am.

I believe the OPPORTUNITY-based story serves me better in the long run. Visualization is tremendously powerful and if I spend mental energy focusing on something, wouldn’t it be best to focus on a positive outcome?

When I choose to believe that things will turn out well, it allows me to create space for that to happen. I show up in the conversation as a woman who is optimistic, wholesome and worthy.

I show up with a belief that love will overcome.

I go into this beautiful dialogue with faith that all will turn out exactly the way it’s meant to and that I will be a better person in the end. I choose to trust that when a challenging circumstance is presented, it can allow me to mature, expand and be refined.

To focus on the opportunity in this means that I am growing, not decaying. I am moving forward, not stagnant. I am constantly stretching, not shrinking. I choose to see that a ‘less-than-favorable’ circumstance can give me an opportunity for personal development.

Even though it’s tempting to think of the worst-case scenario, I know in my heart it doesn’t serve me.

We get to create our own experience in life by the thoughts we think and the feelings we have, so why not create one that serves us in the moment?!

Today, I choose Opportunity and Vulnerability.

I am excited to create a deeper, more meaningful friendship with someone I care about very much


I know that stepping into Courage, Boldness and Authenticity will serve me well going forward.

Today is going to be a GREAT day — because that’s what I choose!

Educator| Life Coach | Writer. Empowering Others to Embrace Faith, Self-Worth, Joy, Peace & Freedom. Connect with me:

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