How to Let Go of What Others Think of You

I chose to believe that their opinions of me dictated who I was, so I spent many years building up a persona that I thought others would like.

I based my self-worth on what others thought of me so I feared being authentic.

I was living in a place of fear — one where I could protect myself so I wouldn’t truly be rejected or ultimately left alone. If someone didn’t like me, I was still within my shell and they couldn’t penetrate that. I was safe.

The Tower I Built

If I took down my walls, came down from my tower and let them in they could reject me. I believed that would hurt too much, so keeping people at a distance until they proved themselves by climbing the tower seemed like the best thing to do. I later realized how selfish this was.

It caused so much unnecessary stress in my life. I was putting so much pressure on myself to be a certain way and pressure on them to prove themselves over and over again. It was a lot of energy given to something that could’ve been a lot easier if I just felt better about myself.

The problem was, I ALWAYS made it about me not being good enough.

When You Can’t See the Love

People did love me and often I couldn’t even see it because I was so busy protecting myself.

I believe that the way to happiness and contentment is letting go of the need to please others and act a certain way so they love me.

Choosing Vulnerability

Truth: If they reject me it is about them — not me.

Many months ago, I wouldn’t have chosen to be this open and vulnerable with you. I would’ve been hiding and acting as if I had it all together, thinking that would make you love me.

I might’ve written a blog about all my wins and how great I was for overcoming so much in my life. I doubt I would’ve told you that I still struggle — because that would mean that I wasn’t all together.

I have found happiness in being me.

How This Might Help You

You don’t need to act a certain way for people to love you.

What a great way to contribute to yourself AND the rest of humanity!

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