You CAN Experience Emotional Freedom!

How to Break Free from the ‘Act’ that Binds You

Many of us go through life with an ‘Act’, which allows us to wear a mask that keeps us feeling protected and worthy.

We get up in the morning and put on our mask, dress up in our well-practiced façade, and go about our day.

Even though this belief system was totally inaccurate, I held onto it tightly.

Hence, my Act.

The fear of truly being seen held me back — A LOT.

My AUTHENTIC self, in all it’s pain and glory, needed to be seen — both by me and by others.

It wasn’t what I wanted to see — and it was there.

I got more & more feedback and realized that this part that I had hidden for so long wasn’t really hidden at all.

The truth was, I didn’t fully give of my love. I was so concerned about what they thought of me that I wasn’t really loving them authentically.

The secrets I’d been hiding for so long came out.

Eventually it became easier to show people who I really was — the authentic me. The me that had struggles. The me that didn’t always agree with others. The me that got angry sometimes. The me that was capable of loving others to such a high degree that it left me open to rejection.

I felt like I could be transparent, knowing I would still be loved.

Because I love myself so much more, I don’t give people the power to hurt me that way. If they don’t respond positively to me, I know I am already filled up with enough love to handle it.

Now that I can be open about all my mistakes, faults, strengths and achievements, I can really celebrate ME!

Educator| Life Coach | Writer. Empowering Others to Embrace Faith, Self-Worth, Joy, Peace & Freedom. Connect with me:

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