Hi Vito,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story. I’m sad to hear you’ve gone through such a tough experience and I’m glad my writing was helpful to you. I used the same techniques I wrote about in the article and they helped so much in my healing as well.

What I’ve learned is that we cannot control other people and the more I am okay with who I am at the core, the less I need others to meet my needs. I have relied on people to fill the empty holes in me at times — now I have less holes and the ones I do have I can either fill on my own or with God. This was pivotal in my healing journey because I could self-regulate better and then I could let go of what others chose to do or not do in regard to me.

Once I was at peace, my friend and I did have a long conversation. It was nice to have and at that point I didn’t ‘need’ it like I once had. It was cathartic and valuable in some ways for sure and I am still at peace with it all, regardless of my friend and her choices. I feel that is the best place for me to be and I pray that you are able to get there too — it is so freeing!

Thanks again for sharing yourself with me!

Sending love your way,


Educator| Life Coach | Writer. Empowering Others to Embrace Faith, Self-Worth, Joy, Peace & Freedom. Connect with me: https://linktr.ee/wakeupjoyful

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