Hi Natasha,

Thank you for your feedback and I would ask you (if you’re open) to re-read my article and see that I did not know that they were upset and I had every intention of talking to both of them. I have since done that and all is good.

Also, they are people in my life that do not read my blogs so I did not post this thinking they would read it. I have very honest and pure intentions and I would never purposely hurt another person. They both knew I cared and they misinterpreted some things and they both owned that. I also saw how I could show up better with them so it was good learning for me.

Sometimes we need to put ourselves first, especially when we know we are no good to others when we are not in a healthy mindset ourselves. I care about the people in my life deeply and I’m thankful that they both know that. The open honest communication has been paramount in solving these issues and our relationships are stronger because of the adversity we got to overcome. Thanks again for your honesty.



Educator| Life Coach | Writer. Empowering Others to Embrace Faith, Self-Worth, Joy, Peace & Freedom. Connect with me: https://linktr.ee/wakeupjoyful

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