Hi Morgan,

I hear you and thanks for your response. I wrote about this not from an “all or nothing” perspective, but from the perspective that if we are feeling hurt it was probably not the other person’s intention to do so. The encouragement is to have a conversation about the issue with the individual and not just let it fester. We can often make up stories in our heads about a situation without understanding the other person’s perspective. When we communicate we can solve a lot of problems, and further understand that the person’s motives and intentions were not to harm. I am certainly of the belief that we do look at someone’s actions as well, also that we must look at all the ways a human being ticks and seek to understand the other before we just assume they meant something hurtful. The point of the article was not to jump to assumptions, but to communicate openly and honestly.

Thanks again for your response…I appreciate the feedback!


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