Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your feedback — I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Based on results, my “built in shockproof crap detector” definitely is faulty and it seems that Jamie has had a way of seeing that vulnerability and using it. I have been in therapy about this for many months and I think I’m starting to see the truth.

I experienced things in my life that have caused my detector to be faulty — sadly love and abuse have been confused in my past and sometimes we continue to attract what we’re used to. Posting this article was a way tor me to be open and vulnerable, asking for help in clarifying whether I was seeing the abuse correctly or not. I am certainly not perfect and even with academic credentials we can still find ourselves in situations that are damaging to us. I have learned a lot though this situation and I know that it already has and will continue to make me stronger.

From the feedback I have received so far it looks like this was abuse. I write about what’s going on in my life to help myself and others — and sometimes it isn’t pretty. I certainly don’t have all the answers. As an imperfect human, I am on a journey and until the day I die I will continue to make mistakes and learn from them. I believe your response came from a loving place, wanting the best for me, so I thank you for that. Your words always make me think deeply.

Blessings to you,


Educator| Life Coach | Writer. Empowering Others to Embrace Faith, Self-Worth, Joy, Peace & Freedom. Connect with me: https://linktr.ee/wakeupjoyful

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