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Grieving the Loss of a Broken Friendship

Something snapped in her one night.

I feel that it was a quick subconscious decision based in fear.

I do forgive her.

As much as I want her in my life, I know this is for the best.

Sometimes when we’re deep in a relationship we aren’t open to other people’s opinions because we think we know best.

So I’m choosing into peace around the answers that feel right because that’s what will serve me best moving forward.

I’ve thought about this quote a lot recently:

This saying I read recently summed my feelings up well:

I am stepping into that strength.

I look forward to the day when I no longer miss her.

I am visualizing a day when tears don’t fall from my eyes when I think about the loss of our friendship.

I have faith that as time goes on I will be better and that this heartache will enable me to help others. I will be able to see the purpose brought from all this and be 100% healed. I’m on the right path — one day at a time.

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