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If you have experienced trauma, abuse, or pain in your life, you may still be struggling with emotional triggers.

Psychology Today explains that an emotional trigger is any topic that makes you feel uncomfortable. These emotional triggers are telling you which aspects in our life you might feel frustrated or unsatisfied with. It can vary in each person because we are all struggling with something different.

Many of our belief systems are buried deep down in our subconscious and therefore not easily accessible.

A few questions to ponder:

Do you know how your subconscious beliefs affect you? …

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Humans CRAVE closure.

This craving for closure is the main reason why we binge-watch TV shows —going through hours of episodes until 3 am, just to find out what happens next.

If you watched the series LOST, you might have experienced this lack of completion when some of the show’s critical questions were not fully answered in the finale. The brain wants things to come to a complete end and many people went unsatisfied.

It’s also why we crave that final ‘relationship break-up’ conversation instead of just walking away — we want answers and closure.

It’s why we grieve the…

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Do you experience a lack of joy at times?

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you do.

I think we ALL have times of frustration and unhappiness.

Especially in our world today…

With so many unknowns.

Social Isolation.


Struggles that are present in your everyday life even without a worldwide pandemic!

So today we are going to talk about JOY — the second ‘fruit of the spirit’ found in Galatians 5:22–23.

We are going to dive into what Joy actually is AND how we can feel it even in the toughest circumstances.

Many people have asked the question…

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Do you struggle with loving people who are easy to love?

Probably not, right!

People who are kind, compassionate and loving are so easy to care for and they invite love in.

But what about the people who are difficult to love — those who may not treat you well or show respect toward you?

What about people who are abusive or mean?

What about people who you feel don’t actually deserve your love and kindness?

Today we are going to discuss how we can love people (even the most difficult ones) in a healthy, safe and God-centred way. …

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A few weeks ago my husband and I attended a marriage retreat.

One of the BIG topics was communication.

When I heard this I automatically thought, “Well my husband and I are pretty good at communication so I’m not sure what they’re going to tell us that I don’t already know.”

I admit, it sounded a little bit haughty, however, one thing my husband and I have always had going for us is good communication.

Or at least I thought.

That day we learned a powerful technique that can help people in any type of relationship to communicate in a…

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Do you know that you have voices in your head?

One voice speaks life into you, and the other death.

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Do you ever wonder why we have to suffer through trials and struggle?

Do you question God when you are in the middle of a crisis, wondering why this is happening in your life?

Or do you question why there are natural disasters, why world hunger cannot be eradicated and why people choose to murder, manipulate and abuse others?

I know I have certainly wondered about all these things!

There have been countless tragedies in the world. We have seen more newspaper headlines than we can count. Many have showcased natural disasters, murders, abuse, and many other terrible things. …

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Do you ever wonder what God wants from you as a human being?

Do you question whether you’re living a good ‘Christian’ life…one that God would look down on and be pleased?

Do you know that you are experiencing His best for you?

How can you represent God in the world in such a way that He would be pleased with your actions?

These are big questions so I went on the journey to finding the answer. …

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If you’re human, you’ve been through a storm. My very wise pastor will often say that we are either in the middle of one, just getting out of one or about to enter a struggle or storm.

None of us are immune to the storms of life. They are guaranteed to come and you may even be in one right now.

Storms can come in many different forms such as the thunder and lighting of struggling to parent, to the sheets of rain in a really difficult partnership to the tornado that ensues when you’ve lost a loved one.


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In 2019, my goal was this:

By the end of the year, I will finally BELIEVE that I AM ENOUGH!

For almost ALL of my life, I have struggled with believing I was enough just as I was.

As I looked back on the decades past, I couldn’t remember a time in my life when I felt like I was enough. Going through trauma and abuse had led to a belief system that I just wasn’t good enough.

I believed that I had to BE a certain someone to be good enough, so I tried to do what I could to become that person.

I was trapped in a cycle of thinking I would only be worthwhile if I did certain things:

-Showed up…

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